Portrait Kathy

Kathleen O’Hara, MA, LPC is an author and international psychotherapist with 23 years of experience in trauma, violent death trauma, addiction, as well as lifestyle and wellness issues.  She is a trusted adviser to individuals and families requiring exceptional care and solutions to complex counselling and crisis issues.  For more information on her global counselling services, please visit: Specialist Counselling Services

Kathleen is an expert in helping survivors of Violent Death Trauma and the organizations that serve them.  Violent Death Trauma is caused by homicide, suicide, drug over-dose, vehicular homicide, war, terrorism, accident, or any sudden and unexpected death.  A survivor of a family homicide herself, Kathleen has become a recognized expert and international leader in the field of trauma-informed care, integrating clinical training with first-hand insight into the experiences and needs of family, friends, survivors and those who care for victims of trauma. Since the murder of her son in 1999, Kathleen has counseled thousands of bereaved people and continues her work in group, individual and retreat settings.

Kathleen is the author of A Grief Like No Other, surviving the violent death of someone you love (Perseus 2006) a classic resource for traumatic bereavement, based on her own experience and her years of counseling survivors of Violent Death Trauma. The book provides a unique seven-stage model developed to help people cope with the overwhelming experience of traumatic grief and is now translated into Korean.

Kathleen was invited to speak at the United Nations in New York on the issue of the mental health of women and girls at the First International Day of Science for Women and Girls. She is a consultant for the Federal Office for Victims of Crime, in the Department of Justice in the USA. She is on the advisory board of Supporting Justice in London, UK, an organization, specializing in issues affecting victims and witnesses and their needs. She is a member of Victim Support Europe, which serves victims of crime in Europe and a member of Victims of Crime International, which is a global voice for victims of crime and the organizations that serve them. She is in private practice serving victims of trauma as well as transformational therapy for the many other challenges we face in our lives. She has developed innovative, comprehensive trainings for all levels of victim service providers within the criminal justice system in the United States and internationally, as well as victim support non-profits, clergy and therapists.

Her unique perspective as a survivor of a family homicide and a service provider gives her the necessary experience to understand the needs of those affected by Violent Death Trauma and how to help them. Her expertise helps victim service providers create policy, programs and trainings which will enhance their mission to serve victims in the most caring, compassionate and effective manner possible.