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Kathleen O’Hara, MA, LPC is an author and international psychotherapist with over 24 years of experience helping families and individuals face the complex challenges of life in the 21st century.  She is a trusted adviser to clients requiring exceptional care and tailored solutions to complex counselling and crisis issues. This includes: Relationship (to self and others), trauma, self-esteem, confidence, communications, divorce anxiety, depression, illness, addiction and crisis management, caused by a sudden event that has catastrophic consequences.

During her years of extensive clinical experience, she developed a unique model of treatment using the principle of Integrated Health, which recognizes there are four areas of human health: Mental, emotional, physical, and our beliefs, in terms of spiritual, religious or humanistic.  When our thinking, our feelings, our health or our beliefs are in conflict, out of balance or not serving us, we lose valuable resources we need to create and live happier, more whole and fulfilling lives.

An easy way to visualize Integrated Health is to use the metaphor of the wheel. When all of the spokes are connected to the hub, there is movement—when one or more is compromised, it is much harder to run and if there is too much impairment, the wheel becomes stuck.

The Integrated Health Model looks at what the main issue is and the effects it has on the whole person at the center of the wheel and how to get it back on track.  We look at what is bothering you the most—is it the way your relationships are working (or not), your work, or your habits? Is it an internal conflict that you seem unable to resolve or live with? Is it too much work or not enough? Has the loss of a loved one left you feeling lost on the ocean of grief, unable to see a way forward? Are you in a dead-end career but lack the confidence to move forward?  Is it the way you seem to always end up in the same place no matter how many different roads you take? Is it the anxiety that seems to dog you wherever you go, or the happiness and joy that is so very elusive? Quite simply, are you getting enough out of life? Maybe it’s time you looked at how you live it! Ask yourself the most important question of all: Is your life telling you it’s time for a change?

The Integrated Health Model also looks at the strengths we possess as human beings and how to cultivate resilience, grow stronger and develop the important values that truly make us human—courage, hope, optimism, loyalty, honesty, respect for self and others, leadership, compassion, joy, temperance and humility.

Kathleen can help you find solutions and deal with these important challenges of living life as a human being in today’s very complex and ever-changing world. She uses a multi-disciplinary approach and has been trained in Psychodynamics, Jungian, Somatics (body/mind), Hypnotherapy, Trauma, Addiction/Recovery and Traumatic Bereavement. A meditator for over 30 years, she has developed a unique, easy to learn mindfulness method which she uses with clients. She can work with your Medical or Psychiatric doctor and has a team of carefully chosen and proven experts/advisors to assist if necessary. Her offices are in London, UK, and she offers skype sessions and travels globally to deliver services.

She received her BA in Psychology in 1989 from Antioch University, San Francisco, CA and her graduate degree in Psychology in 1993 from The California Institute of Integral Studies San Francisco. She holds a license to practice psychotherapy from the state of Pennsylvania in the US. She is the author of A Grief Like No Other, surviving the violent death of someone you love (Perseus 2006) and is a consultant for the Federal Office for Victims of Crime, in the US Department of Justice. For more info on her book and advocacy work please (link)

Below you can find examples of offerings for families and individuals:

Building Strong and Stable Families:  A Pre-Emptive Approach

Improve interpersonal communication and learn to have difficult conversations, resolve conflicts, understand emotional dynamics, relationships, family roles, capitalize on strengths while recognizing difficulties, address important issues before they become problems, improve and understand complex dynamics in relationships.

Individual Counselling

Targeted, goal oriented therapy using multi-disciplinary strategies to achieve results.  Live a better life through Integrated Health – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  Deal with issues such as relationship, career, communication, trauma, addiction, anxiety, grief, lifestyle and wellness issues.

Executive Stress Management

Today’s Executives have to deal with complex, stressful demands on time and performance. Kathleen will design a carefully tailored, Integrated Health Programme for you to optimize performance, creativity and reduce the negative effects of stress

Traumatic Grief and Crisis Management

Kathleen has helped her clients cope with the devastating grief of losing a loved one to a violent or sudden death, caused by suicide, drug overdose, homicide, auto-accident, disaster, terroristic events. Her book A Grief Like No Other, surviving the violent death of someone you love is a classic resource on violent or sudden death.

She also provides solutions and interventions for process and chemical addictions and mental health issues.

Next Gen Services

Helping Next Gen find meaning and purpose, dealing with potential addiction, risky behaviour, alienation issues, building communication and self-awareness skills, understand family dynamics and generational conflicts/succession issues

Educational Services: Kathleen works with educational testing services to help you create the roadmap for the educational goals you have for your children. This includes the family values/strengths/character you want your children to develop.

Contact Kathleen:
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