Victim Service Training

Kathleen O’Hara is a consultant for the Federal Office for Victims of Crime, in the USA Department of Justice and a member of the World Society of Victimology.

Her commitment is to raise the standard of care provided to Violent Death Trauma survivors.

Kathleen facilitates workshops, retreats, and seminars helping organizations and victims service providers serve victims with compassion and justice.

Her unique perspective as a survivor of a family homicide and a service provider gives her the necessary experience to understand the needs of the victim and how to help them. Her expertise helps victim service providers create policy, programs and trainings which will enhance their mission to serve victims in the most caring, compassionate and effective manner possible.

As a consultant for the Federal Office for Victims of Crime, she has presented trainings for many victim service organizations in the United States and Canada. Since 2009, she has been presenting workshops for Victim Support Europe and has developed many innovative trainings to support those who work with victims of crime. She has also developed trainings for clergy members and therapists.


Kathleen will consult with you and create trainings that will deal with the specific needs of your organization.

Her training programs are developed expressly for the needs of each level of victim service and cover—but are not limited to—the following topics:

  • Understanding the victim’s experience.
  • How to best serve victim’s needs.
  • How to create positive interactions with victims & their families.
  • How to handle the notification of death to the victim’s family.
  • Developing skills such as empathetic listening & handling extreme emotions
  • How to improve delivery of services.
  • Pacing interactions with victims while understanding and handling your own feelings
  • Understanding the victim’s journey through the criminal justice system.
  • How to create healthy boundaries while providing services.
  • How to deal with secondary trauma.
  • How to avoid compassion fatigue.


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