Traumatic Bereavement

Kathleen is an expert in helping survivors of Violent Death Trauma and the organizations that serve them.  Violent Death Trauma is caused by homicide, suicide, drug over-dose, vehicular homicide, natural disasters, war, terrorism, accident, or any sudden and unexpected death.  A survivor of a family homicide herself, Kathleen has become a recognized expert and international leader in the field of trauma-informed care, integrating clinical training with first-hand insight into the experiences and needs of family, friends, survivors and those who care for victims of trauma.

Since the murder of her son in 1999, Kathleen has helped thousands of bereaved people cope with the unthinkable and not only survive, but learn to live again—a new life, that as Sheryl Sandberg says, is option B, not the life we wanted, but the life we have now.

She can help you and your family deal with crisis management, what to do and how to cope in the immediate aftermath of the event. Issues such as immediate care, media management, support through trials, police investigations, as well as providing comprehensive assistance and advice on the short and long term process involved in traumatic loss. Issues such as managing the intense emotions and conflicts that arise in these kinds of deaths, how to get through the anniversaries, holidays and birthdays, and how to deal with the on-going trauma of the loss.

She helps families and individuals deal with the devastating loss, what to expect in the first year and beyond. She will help you understand your grief, build resilience and how to look after members of the family who will have their own ways of grieving.

This is a journey that no one among us wants to take, yet we must find the strength and the courage to make the journey. Kathleen can help you navigate the turbulent seas of grief and change, providing the resources and experience to help you and your family make a safe crossing.

Kathleen is the author of A Grief Like No Other, surviving the violent death of someone you love (Perseus 2006) a classic resource for traumatic bereavement, based on her own experience and her years of counseling survivors of Violent Death Trauma. The book provides a unique seven-stage model developed to help you cope with the overwhelming experience of traumatic grief and is now translated into Korean. For more information please go to (book link)

She is an international psychotherapist since 1993 and received her graduate degree in Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies, San Francisco, Ca and her under graduate degree in Psychology from Antioch University in 1989, San Francisco, Ca. She is licensed in the state of Pennsylvania, US. She resides in London, but can arrange skypes and on-site visits.

Contact Kathleen:
Telephone: +44 07713932627
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London, W8 4LY Great Britain