Specialist Counselling Services

Kathleen is an international psychotherapist with over 23 years of specialist counselling experience in trauma, especially traumatic grief, addiction and lifestyle issues. She is a trusted adviser to individuals and families requiring exceptional care and solutions to complex counselling and crisis issues.  She is based in London, but can deliver her services globally, either through Skype or special travel arrangements.

Portrait KathyIn 1993, she was awarded her graduate degree in Psychology with a concentration in Somatics (the study of the relationship between mind and body) from The California Institute of Integral Studies in California, a cutting edge leader in Psychology and innovative approaches to treatment. In her 23 years of extensive clinical experience she has developed a unique approach to therapy tailored to each individual. She uses a psychodynamic, somatic, multidisciplinary and Integral synthesis. The Integral approach looks at the four aspects of self: Mental, emotional, physical and spiritual and how they shape our thoughts, feelings, health and beliefs. She has developed innovated strategies for families to improve communication skills and resolve conflicts. She will design a unique plan based on the specific needs and goals of your family.

She views our life experiences as transformational. We deal with life as it is, not as we wish or expect it to be. To quote John Lennon, “Life is what happens while you’re making other plans.” The question becomes how do we handle what life gives us? Do we step up and meet it or does it destroy us? The answer is a little of both. During transformatory experiences, some things are destroyed, we know this all too well. But if we have the courage to face what is given to us, change when we must, accept what we cannot change, we will not only survive, but learn to live with the truly human qualities of courage, hope, love and joy, with meaning and purpose.

Kathleen understands the transformatory challenges of change, she has worked with addiction, lifestyle issues and specializes in Violent Death Trauma, which is the loss of a loved one caused by Homicide, suicide, terrorism, vehicular homicide, automobile accident, or any sudden and unexpected death.

She was already a therapist when her son Aaron was murdered in 1999. She wrote A Grief Like No Other, surviving the violent death of someone you love (Perseus 2006), a classic resource which has helped thousands of people cope with the devastating effects of violent death trauma. She has worked with families and individuals globally.

Specialist Programmes and Services:

Building Strong and Stable Families:  A Pre-Emptive Approach

Improve interpersonal communication, resolve conflicts, understand emotional dynamics, family roles, capitalize on strengths while recognizing difficulties, address important issues before they become problems.

Individual Counselling

Targeted, goal oriented therapy using multi-disciplinary strategies to achieve results.  Live a better life through Integrated Health – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual.  Trauma, addiction, grief, lifestyle and wellness issues.

Intervention and Crisis Management

Providing solutions and interventions for process and chemical addictions, mental health issues, managing complex grief and side effects of Violent Death Trauma (death by suicide, drug overdose, homicide, auto-accident, terroristic events)

Next Gen Services

Helping Next Gen find meaning and purpose, dealing with potential addiction, risky behaviour, alienation issues, building communication and self-awareness skills, understand family dynamics and generational context.

These services are offered in tailored formats for your requirements and location.  They can be delivered on site or in a retreat format.  Please contact Kathleen O’Hara at +44 (0) 7713932627 or email her at Keohara@aol.com or info@kathleenohara.com