Read Kathleen’s recent article on mindfulness at work: A Zen mind gives you the edge A daily dose of mindful meditation can increase your mental focus, productivity and creative outputs at work says Kathleen O’Hara


KathyLogoMindfulness is one of the best strategies available for managing stress, as well as building mental focus and creativity at work. Organisations are increasingly investing in mindfulness training as part of a whole-person approach to development. Mindfulness positively impacts the bottom line with a healthier, happier and higher functioning workforce.

Kathleen O’Hara is a mindfulness expert with strong expertise in the therapeutic and transformational benefits of meditation within organisations. She is an international expert on trauma counseling using a mindfulness approach to help those working on the front line to deal with trauma and crisis. As an experienced meditator of over 30 year’s experience and a qualified psychotherapist, she has deep experience of working with teams to effectively transform their approaches and effectiveness at work through mindfulness.

Read Kathleen’s recent article on mindfulness at work: A Zen mind gives you the edge A daily dose of mindful meditation can increase your mental focus, productivity and creative outputs at work says Kathleen O’Hara

“Kathy came in to my life at just the time when it felt like I really needed her. Having learnt transcendental meditation many years ago, and neglected this tool in recent years, I happened to hear Kathy talk about meditation and was inspired to attend some of her workshops to see if she could help me.

A few short sessions gave me just what I needed. I changed my mantra, altered my posture, learnt to body scan myself and off I went. I now meditate daily. Kathy’s eloquence and great understanding of this field made it easy to understand what to do and how to help myself.

The difference to my wellbeing is extraordinary. My anxiety is reduced, I feel I can manage what the day throws at me and my feelings of inadequacy in the face of apparently insurmountable challenges have been right sized…..to the degree that my performance levels in my work have risen consistently but not to the detriment of everything else.

Through regular meditation I feel I am able to achieve a life of greater stability, more consistent pace and greater balance.”

Christina Minter
Event specialist
OPM Consulting Ltd.

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The Modern Mindfulness Programme (MMP)

This one-day programme enables enable employees to employ mindfulness at work to increase their mental focus, productivity and creative outputs.

The programme teaches Modern Mindfulness, covering both the theory and practical application. Participants learn how to meditate and practice mindfulness accessing the benefits using an easy-to-learn three-step process.

The three-step Modern Mindfulness Programme:

  • Step 1 – Relax the body: The practice starts with scanning the body to identify areas of tension and prepare for meditation. Special attention is paid to regulation of the breath.
  • Step Two – Calm the mind: We introduce and embed a simple technique to manage thoughts and emotions, this calms the mind to improve focus and concentration.
  • Step Three – Access the creative: This step expands and opens the right side of the brain to encourage creative, intuitive thinking to solve problems and reduce conflict.

Benefits for employees:

  • Understand and better able to manage stress
  • Create healthy lifestyle changes and adopt better self care
  • Recognise negative thought patterns and change perspectives
  • Improve attention, productivity and creative thinking
  • Reduce inner and interpersonal conflict

Kathleen O’Hara
MA LPC is a psychotherapist, author, meditator and international expert on trauma, victim services, mindfulness and compassion fatigue. She is a consultant for the Department of Justice in the US, and has developed and delivered workshops and training in Europe, Canada, Russia and the US. She delivers the three-step Modern Mindfulness Programme and is an avid meditator of 30+ years.

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